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Holding and serving know how


When you brew perfect coffee, it should be enjoyed while flavor and aroma are at their peak.


Coffee Espresso Pro offers a range of holding and serving equipment designed to keep your coffee at its best.


Ideal holding temperature: 175F to 185F (80C to 85C)
Most all the volatile aromatics in coffee have boiling points well below that of water and continue to evaporate from the surface until pressure in the serving container reaches equilibrium. A closed container can slow the process of evaporation.


Ideal serving temperature: 155F to 175F (70C to 80C)
Many of the volatile aromatics in coffee have boiling points above 150F (65C). They simply are not perceived when coffee is served at lower temperatures.


Ideal holding time:
20 minutes in an open top decanter / 60 minutes in a closed container.



There are many ways to hold and serve your coffee.

Decanter Thermal
Airpot GPR Thermal
Soft Heat

BUNN Coffee Brewers
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BUNN Coffee Brewers

BUNN Buying Guide

Product Warranties


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Please Note:

  • To calculate the shipping cost of an item, add to shopping cart, and then enter your zip code, state, and shipping method into the UPS shipping calculator.

  • Decanters, dispensers, stands, warmers, servers, racks, airpots, thermal carafes are sold separately from Bunn commercial coffee brewers and Bunn commercial coffee makers.

  • When applicable, models listed as 120/208V or 120/240V must be connected to 208V or 240V electrical service respectively. Please refer to the installation manual.



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